The Mistress

Mudiaga My Love,

It’s been two years since you broke up with me yet I can’t get over missing you. I cry myself most nights to sleep. The emptiness of the house is so loud without you. There are times I fear that I might die with the heart aches of knowing that you are with another woman. You always told me girls are supposed to be strong. You often called me a strong woman but I am no longer that woman without you. I have no strength without you.

I miss you so much my love, the way you make me laugh. The way you look into my eyes when we talk. The way you whisper my name when we play. The way you hold me close and tickle my neck with your breath. The tender way you hold my hands when you kiss my lips. Oh! How you often grabbed me from behind when I make your breakfast. How can I sleep on our bed alone? Memories of your cuddles now disturbs me.

I can never forget your happiness when I announced to you that I was pregnant. Your excitement lingered for weeks as you gave me royal treatments. You practically became my chauffeur! You pampered me and called me your queen until our son was born. Mini-you! Remember how I use to tease that he looked too much like you.

Sweetlove, life is tough and lonely without you. I have tried severally to fall in love again and move on but no man can fill the vacuum you created. I know I made a promise not to contact you again but the thought that we are in the same town yet cannot be with you taunt me. Knowing that I can find you if I want but I have to respect my promise to you, is a sacrifice I am struggling to keep.

I was warned not to marry a divorcee, but you were different. I heard rumors that your wife was doing everything to get settle the issues but I never paid attention because I didn’t see that possibility. I believed you were mine forever. I still don’t regret getting wedded to you and having a son for you. I will do it again even now that you are with someone else.

I wish we could spend one more night together again. I wish we could travel to somewhere no one would interfere with you loving me. You still belong to me, we belong to each other. You said it was reconciliation with your former wife but I call it my worst nightmare and since then sorrow lives with me… being a second wife is out of it for you. You wanted our wedding vows annulled. I refused because even if you are with another woman I choose to stay married to you.

Mudiaga, I love you… I still miss you so much


Her finger sluggishly redirected the cursor to the send button but resisted the urge to send instead she clicked on save as draft.

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