I learnt something really ridiculous; take the blood of Jesus with you everywhere you go.

I flagged down a tricycle and hopped unto the back seat meant for three. I adjusted for two other ladies who seemed to be sisters to enter. A destination not too far.

“I cover this seat, this keke and the driver with the blood of Jesus.” One of them said.

“The blood of Jesus…” The other replied.

Both of them mumbled few words simultaneously as the tricycle zoomed off.

Who are these? I cast a surprise look at the both of them wondering if this was not something planned with the rider.

“Anti it is not my fault o. In this Lagos you need to sprinkle the blood of Jesus everywhere you go before somebody will come and kidnap me.” The first one said responding to my look of surprise.


“Did you hear that last week a woman took a keke to the market not knowing that they have put juju on the chair? They are still looking for her. Any Danfo, Okada. Keke you enter please use the blood of Jesus.” The second one buttressed.

“How did you know about that?” I asked. Lagos and weird stories.

“Aha! Anti so you are not reading Facebook? Even the picture is in Instagram.” She continued

Confused! Reading Facebook? I thought you said the woman has not been found, how come the picture is on Instagram?

“If conductor or driver give you change before you put it in your purse just cover it with the blood of Jesus or else you can get home and your purse is empty and they can use that money to know your house.” The first ne narrated.

Interestingly, none of these ladies have experienced any of what they talked about.

Hear-say! Lagos na wah!


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