ODUFA – A story about redeeming Love.



Adaku was a dunce and a lazy spoilt brat born by parents who didn’t know what to do with money and fame. All her mother cared about was her painted face, long nails and high heels. Her Dad, Chief Asinobi was always on TV talking about the government and what they were doing wrong. One of her brothers, the first child was in rumoured to be living abroad at somewhere they called Rehab. They had all the money in the world and Adaku had whatever she wanted.
I didn’t like her but she wanted to be my friend by all means. She was same age as I, but she was taller, very skinny and looked older. She was so thin that you will think she never ate. Boys liked her a lot unlike me fat, short and ugly girl. She loved playing with the boys and letting them touch her. She was prettier than me but I was more intelligent. Everyone in school wanted to be friends with her because of her fine face and the chocolates she brought to school. I also thought it was a fake beauty because she used lip gloss and eyeliner sometimes to school and always had her hair in a bun.
She was too much about boys.
“Hi Od,” I first pretended I didn’t hear her. Adaku only wanted to be my friend because she knew I was the most intelligent girl in school. She wanted someone who would do her assignments while she played with boys.
“Hi Ada.” I said without looking at her.
“Would you like to come to my party on Saturday?” She said walking behind me. There was a boy walking with her. Just as I expected. The boy smiled at me, I quickly looked away.
There was always a party at Chief Asinobi’s mansion. If it’s not Adaku and her fellow skinny friends. It’s her mum, her stupendously rich women and their numerous pet projects. Or her dad with his pot-belly money bag friends.
“No thanks. I will be helping my mum with…” I was not very good at telling lies.
“It’s just going to be a small party, there would be lots of cakes, drinks, chocolates…” She held me in a friendly way trying to convince me.
Adaku’s ‘small party’ would be plenty of food, sometimes alcohol, loud music, and older boys dancing with the girls.
“Will there be boys?” I knew there would be boys but I wanted her to say so. The mere thought of a boy dancing with me scared me.
“No boys. Just my brother and my two cousins.” She said begging me with her eyes.
“Your brother and cousins are boys. Boys are dangerous and I don’t like staying around them.” I was hoping she would not bother me.
“Please Od. This party would mean a lot to me if you can make.” It looked like there was more to the party.
“Is this about your school project and assignments?” I asked her. Adaku had no brain for book or anything about school but she knew about fashion and latest music.
“Yes, I thought we could go over my assignments before or after this small party. I don’t even know how to go about the project. I talked to the teacher about it but…” I knew she was lying, even the teachers at school knew how academically lazy she was. No one dared queried her or place her on suspension because Chief Asinobi can deal with anyone with his money.
“Okay, I will come for your assignment and the project but not for your party.” I walked away from her.
There were many reasons I didn’t like boys.
This is one of them.
Last Christmas, some of my cousins came to our house for the holiday. Two of my older cousins were always touching me whenever we were asleep. Without my clothes on. They also peeped at me bathing. These two always talked about girlfriends and had pornographic videos on their phones.
One time, one of them, Carl insisted on having his bath with me. I refused. While I was having my bath, he came into the bathroom, took off his clothes and started to share the bathroom with me. I couldn’t look at him.
“I’m going to tell my mum. I will tell her you have also been crawling to my bed at night. I will tell her everything.” I wrapped my towel around my chest and stormed out. No boy had ever seen my body without clothes.
“Please don’t tell. Your mum won’t believe you…” He said still not putting his clothes on. He wanted me to look at him. “I just want to have a bath with you. I am not touching you. I like you.”
“Boys don’t bath with girls even if they are brother and sister.” My eyes were already filled with tears. I was just not comfortable with him seeing me naked even though we were close cousins.
As I got dressed I thought about what he said; if mum would really believe me if I told her Carl came to share a bathroom with me. Mum didn’t really didn’t care about anyone but shouldn’t be happy if she knew a boy was seeing my body.
Carl was like a brother to me and mum treated him like a son. What would mum think if she knew that boys have started touching me? She always said it was a bad thing for boys to touch or see a girl’s private parts. Mum always had long stories about boys and private parts.
Mum and I were not really close but she always told me to protect my private parts. Once a girl starts seeing her menses and keeps hanging around boys she could get pregnant.
I started to cry. Mum was in the other room but I couldn’t go tell mum. She would be too disappointed and she won’t even believe a good boy such as Carl would do such a thing. I won’t even think of telling Dad. He hardly knew what happened at home.
“Why are you crying? Did you tell her?” Carl came to meet me in my room. He was still having the towel around his waist. He was smiling to me like he was happy I wouldn’t be able to tell mum.
“Get out of this room Carl. You are wicked and I hate you!” I was crying and afraid to scream for anyone to hear us.
“I love you Odufa and I am not doing anything bad.” He said pulling me to himself. I started to struggle. I didn’t know exactly how old Carl was but he was bigger and taller. He had strong muscles and a very firm grip. He forced me to hug him but I pushed him away as hard as I could. His towel fell. He had no underpants. I was embarrassed.
Even when he came into the bathroom I didn’t have a look at him. I fell on my bed and covered my head with a pillow. He laid on me and touched me all over with his bare body. I cried beneath the pillow and was hoping mum or anyone would come.
When he got tired he left me.
It ended up been a very sad Christmas. I never told anyone. I was too afraid and ashamed to tell anyone. Besides, Carl already said no one would believe me because he was a good boy.
Carl never stopped sneaking on me bathing every time they visited for holidays.
That’s why I didn’t like boys

To be continued..


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