Normal Or Express

Normal Or Express My driver’s license expired a long time ago and I didn’t bother renewing it since I don’t drive myself. Recently however, I thought that it would be good to start driving myself again. I made enquiries from someone who just renewed as to how to renew my driver’s license. He gave me […]

The Mistress (2)

She roamed the kitchen looking for nothing in particular. She opened the refrigerator for the second time and held the door ajar. She allowed the cool air embrace her bare skin but it wasn’t cool enough for her wandering soul. Her gazed fixed on a square transparent bottle, Last Night. She struggled with the thought […]

The Mistress

Mudiaga My Love, It’s been two years since you broke up with me yet I can’t get over missing you. I cry myself most nights to sleep. The emptiness of the house is so loud without you. There are times I fear that I might die with the heart aches of knowing that you are […]